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Related post: Date: gay virgins Fri, 23 Sep 2011 07:24:05 -0700 (PDT) From: MUSCLEDADDY BEAR Subject: Discovering Uncle Tip Chapter 14: Rick HalversonThis story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locations is entirely coincidental. The sexuality of all characters is entirely a figment of the author's imagination. For those of you that are NOT of legal little virgins porn age, please find other material to read. If you are offended by male/male material, or it is illegal to view such materials in your area, you should be leaving at this time.This story may contain scenes of a graphic nature between a father and his sons, or under age boys and adult teenies virgin males, which may not be legal in your area. If you are under 18 or material of this nature is illegal in your present location, please leave now. By continuing to crazy virgins nude read on, you are confirming that it is legal for you to view beautiful virgin nude the material in this story. In addition, neither you nor any family members are employees of any type of government, law enforcement, or investigative entity. Moreover, you are either not performing any type of research in preparation for illegal virgin sex any forms of legal action, directly or indirectly, affecting the contents of this site. In addition, you are agreeing that the author, editor, and this site will not be held responsible for any consequences of you viewing or downloading the story.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Discovering Uncle Tip Chapter 14:Rick Halverson I rose up, fear nude kids virgins pictures making my blood run with ice. The second I got to my feet, though, he pushed me back down. "No, no, no...slut jus' roll over on your belly like a dog n' let Rick here stuff you full'a virgin boy fucking girl this big ol' beauty you're dyin' t' get up inside that horny tail'a yours!" He chuckled evilly and began slowly peeling off his shirt. He'd looked big, little nude virgin strong, and asian virgins photos packed with muscle before. As the shirt slid from his torso, though, it revealed something much different. What must've at one time been a solid impressive physique, was now fatty, virgin sex free pic barely illegal virgin flabby, adult child support virginia and sagging. He looked sloppy, soft, and fuck virgin girl out of shape...even pathetic in virgin teenz top that he didn't seem to realize the body he was so proud of had lost all it's former glory. "Look at'cha...your face says it all, nude latvian virgins boy. You want it bad, don'cha. I'll jus' bet child porno virgin your lil' ass virgin pussy fuck 15 is jus' dyin' for me free galleries virgins t' fuck you till pussy world virgins you can't remember your own name!" He reached down for my left leg and flipped me virgin blow jobs over onto my stomach before I little nymphset lolas virgin could react. I twisted back and tried to get up again when I found my- self backhanded back onto my stomach. "So, that's how ya wanna play it, huh?" He asked, his voice even more sex video virgin evil and threatening than before. "Hell, I could see y' liked it rough from lookin' through that window. But, I had no idea y' wanted it THIS rough! Damn, boy! We're gonna have us both a good ol' time!!!" "No, Mr. Halverson, I really gotta go..." "Shut the fuck up." He twisted my hair painfully in his fist. He dropped on top of me and brought his lips close to my ear. "Y' know your uncle gratis virgin pics wanted it this bad, too." virgin russian boy porn He whispered into my ear as if sharing a closely guarded secret. What the hell??? "Yeah, naked russian virgins big ol' rough n' tough defloration virgin usenet Tip? Yeah, naked girls virgin kid he wanted Rick's big fat cock as much as Buying asian virgins you do!" "High school...after a game...we both got snot-slingin' drunk. Took me about two seconds after he passed out t' get his shorts off n' my cock up against his asshole. Took me a whole lot longer t' get it inside that tight virgin top hairless virgins photos hole, though. And, that school girl virgins boy's ass was so hairy even back then that it felt like I illegal virgin gallery was fuckin' him through a full beard t' get inside that boy-tail." He continued, shocking me into silence. "N,' LORD, even passed virgins mpeg out, that man struggled n' yelled. Never did wake all the way up, though. 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He pressed for- ward, the nude virgin fuck pussy cum coating my teen virgin pussy mpegs teen virgin rough defloration hole making it open painfully even though I struggled for all I was worth to keep it clamped down against his forced entry. "OH JESUS.......OH GOD....PLEASE...PLEEEEEASE..." I screamed....the pain rushing through me in rapid waves as my hole strained cp porno virgin past where even lollita virgin gallery Coach Stennick had stretched me. Tears poured down my face as I choked on my own sobs and my asshole began to feel as it was about to virgin gallery pics rip "FUCK FUCK FUCK....PLEEEEEEASE....OHHHHH GODDDDDD.....!!!!!" I screamed louder and higher as I heard the shack's door slam open and a roar tgp virgins free porn of virgin first fuck fury fill the air inside at the same time as about half of Halverson's ogre cock rammed up inside me. Suddenly, Halverson flew great virgin tgp off my back and the shack shud- dered as his weight hit a wall behind me. Huge rough hands grabbed my shoulders and flipped me around virgin xxx movie names onto my illegal virgin pic back. "Why, Joey, why??!! I told you t' stay away from..." The fury in Uncle Tip's face drained and ilegal virgins it went white at the teensex virgins russia site of the hand- print on my cheek and the tears raining down my sobbing face. "HALVERSON!!!" virgin teen russia defloration Uncle true virgins pics Tip roared as he continued looking deeply into my sobbing face and the anger rushed back into his handsome features. He stood and spun around to virgins kids penis lunge at child virgin to fuck the other man. "YOU GODDAMN WORTHLESS SACK OF SHIT!" Uncle sex teen video virgin Tip grabbed him by virgin natural angel the throat and forced him to his feet against the wall. An instant virginia youth soccer tournaments later, his arm drew back and thai erotic virgin girl pounded four powerful punches into Mr. Halverson' paunchy gut causing Halverson's head to fall slack down onto his chest. nudists naturists teen virgin After the last punch and gasping for air, he lifted his head slowly. "He virgins asian wanted it. He wanted it jus' like you did back when..." He sneered and spat out at chinese virgin girls Uncle Tip only to be silenced by a crushing fist to his nose. Bone shattered and nude virgin illegal blood sprayed across the room in virginia youth soccer death a wide arc as Uncle Tip's roar of fury cut through the air again. His fist flew to Rick Halverson's family virgins face over and over, the sound of it hitting his jaw was like a sledgehammer connecting with a two-by-four. He released the man's neck as Halverson slid to the floor. Fists clenched, arms strained and bowed at his sides, chest still heaving with rage, "Youuuuu sick fuck....." Uncle Tip slowly lowered himself to virgin teens japan videos one knee as Halverson's arms suddenly jolted straight out to his sides against the wall. "FUCK, TIP, FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!" Halverson's huge ugly dick was laying Tiny tit virgins in the dirt in front of him, Uncle Tip's knee directly on top of it as he slowly rolled all his weight forward onto the oversized length of flesh. Uncle Tip's voice dropped low, child porn virgin deep, 72 virgins challenge coin and more menacing than I'd ever heard it. "Get outta here, free sex girls virgin Rick. Go home n' stay home. Tomorrow, it'll be that you got in a fight tonight at a bar in another town. You got it?" "Yeah...yes, Tip...just fuckin' please...." "Not yet, you sorry bastard." "AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHH!!!" Halverson screamed as Uncle Tip twisted hungarian virgin defloration his knee slowly on top of the dick crushed under- neath. "You ever...EVER....speak t' Joey much as LOOK at him again.... If you live through what I'll do t' you, you'll wish t' fuckin' hell you hadn't!! AND, virgin nudes girls free I'll tell every goddamned soul in this COUNTY that I caught you tryin' t' rape my nephew! YOU GOT IT?" "Yes, virgin child girl sex Tip, YES!!!" Uncle Tip rose to his feet and towered over Mr. Halverson as he pulled his brutally punished cock to his flabby stomach, sobbing and curling into a ball. "Now, get out. You crawl your sorry ass out to your truck n' make sure no petite virgin gallery one sees your worthless hide." Halverson doggie daycare virginia beach nodded, but didn't cummins dealers in virginia move...still sobbing and now holding his knees to his chest. "NOW!" Uncle Tip bit out. "Ohhh fuck..." Halverson sobbed, easing onto his hands and knees. Uncle Tip hauled his leg back and then swung it solidly into Halverson's stomach. "CHRIST!!!" Xxx cartoon virgins Halverson yelled, slamming into bleach tek richmond virginia the wall again. Easing away, though, he ls virgins went back to crawling virgin teen dream toward and out the door. Uncle Tip turned around. free virgins pictures It seemed as if all the anger, fury, and energy drained from virginia porn his face once more. His shoulders and arms fell limp as his black escorts in virginia lips parted and drew a long shaky breath. He anal virgin screaming porn moved toward me and kneeled african virginity test clip fantasy virgin sex down, his face a tense mask of worry and aching distress. "You okay, Joey." "Uncle Tip, I..." I started to sob again. "Shh, shhhhhh....can you walk?" I nodded. "Where're your keys?" "Tied in my shoelaces," I choked out. "I didn't have any other..." "It's alright, it's alright..." He untied my keys and then re- tied the laces. "Let's get you home." He said quietly. "We'll take your truck, and stop off t' get you some clothes." "Okay..." He helped me little porn virgins up and into my shorts, then stood in front of me. After gently wiping my tears away, he slid his hands to the side of my head litle virgin girls and kissed my hair. "Let's go." Halfway through the trees, we came across Halverson on his knees and throwing up as he held onto a branch. "Should've broken both your legs and your worthless back thirty years ago." Uncle Tip said and virgins teens foto spat on the beaten man as we passed. He drove me home and left me in the truck preeteens virgins as he went in- side. He came out with an armload of clothes russian virgins and climbed back in. He'd said, 'Let's get you home.' But then, he'd also said, we'd stop off ass virgin fucked for some clothes. I noticed the conflicting statements, but hadn't processed them. Somewhere back in my mind, I took fleeting notice again. Halfway to his house, I saw a tear roll down his cheek. "Uncle Tip..." "My teen lesbian virgin fault..." He muttered, shaking his head stoically. He sniffed and I saw his throat swallow hard as he looked out the side window, "It's all my goddamned fault." Something in the harsh set of his jaw told teen virgin sex tips me to keep quiet and leave alone whatever thoughts were rolling through his mind. He pulled up to the side gate when we arrived at his house, then grabbed my clothes asian virgins sex and then came around to get me out of the passenger seat. Other stories:Discovering Uncle asian virgins sex illegal Tip's Discovery Baling and Uncle Buck Uncles and Dads
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